Bynoe's Gecko

Species Background

Licence - Category 2

Lifespan - 7 years


Bynoe’s geckos are a small terrestrial, ground dwelling species that are widely distributed in Australia, residing in a broad range of habitat. Therefore the ground surface area is the most important dimension when setting up a vivarium. A trio of geckos can be kept in an enclosure measuring a minimum of 45cms long, 30cms wide and 30cms high.

Lighting and Heating

Heating can be supplied in a number of ways i.e. cord, mat or globe. The ground surface temperature should be 32° in the hot spot and the air temperature ranging from 20°C to 30°C. This thermal gradient should be maintained within the enclosure during daytime hours. UV-B lighting is not essential for this species, however breeding females require greater amounts of calcium to be metabolised as this gecko species lay hard-shelled eggs and thus may benefit from UV-B light.


Bynoe’s Geckos shelter under rocks, loose bark and debris. Therefore a number of hide caves and loose bark should be placed throughout the enclosure on top of sand as a substrates. A water bowl should be placed in the cool side of the enclosures.

Food (In Captivity)

Bynoe’s geckos are insectivores, feeding on small crickets and wood roaches. Insects should be dusted with calcium and multi-vitamin supplements accordingly.


  • Vivarium
  • Thermostat
  • Thermometer
  • Heat source
  • Sand
  • Water bowl
  • Hide caves
  • Calcium and vitamin supplements

 Please note the information provided above is a species background, NOT A CARE SHEET. We recommend adequate background reading and research to be undertaken prior to purchasing this species. See recommended books below.

Recommended Books

Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards. 2008 edited by Mike Swan

Keeping Australian Geckos. 2008 by Rob Porter

A Guide to Australian Geckos and Pygopods in Captivity. 2012 by Dr Danny Brown


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